History and project concept

“Alentejo Sculpture Park – Maria Leal da Costa – Parque de Esculturas de Marvão”

“Alentejo Sculpture Park – Maria Leal da Costa – Sculpture Park of Marvão” is a project that aims to create an “art destination”.

It originates from a 20-year journey starting with the development of the “Quinta do Barrieiro” guest house unit, which based its strategy on two pillars of identity: its natural surroundings and the artistic work of Maria Leal da Costa.

In 2010 the Tourism Authority of the Alentejo region publicly recognized the activity of the Quinta do Barrieiro with the “Offer Qualification” award, highlighting the “significant contribution of the Quinta do Barrieiro to the qualification of the offer and to the increase in attractiveness of Alentejo as a destination”.

The company QB Art, promoter of the project “Alentejo Sculpture Park – Maria Leal da Costa – Sculpture Park of Marvão”, aims at preserving this recognition by involving various local, national and international actors from different sectors of activity such as tourism companies, cultural industries, public entities, foundations, associations and educational institutions, to create synergies and promote endogenous potentialities capable of catalyzing cultural and economic development for the region.

The project « Alentejo Sculpture Park – Maria Leal da Costa – Sculpture Park of Marvão » consists of three interrelated areas, each covering a well-defined territory within the estate, making up a diversified cultural program.

Tour A - Sculptures in the Landscape
Participants are challenged for a guided tour through the farm paths, in a space where nature and art come together in perfection. In this area, in which are located several water springs and a lake, have been exposed sculptures belonging to the private collection of Maria Leal da Costa, of her authorship and of other sculptors. The works created by the human hand register the mutations of nature, keeping the record of the passage of time and natural cycles.

Tour B - Starting Points
A tour based on a Land-Art project, by Maria Leal da Costa. In about 2 hectares, 4 moments of pause, 4 meditation stations offer the visitor the possibility of a journey of discovery and self-knowledge. The walk takes place from the bottom up, appealing to the progressive stripping of the individual and to a dip in profound contemplation suggested by the alliance of sculpture, landscape and poetry (contribution of Carlos Baptista and Maria Helena Marques).

QB Art - Gallery
Denomination of two exhibition spaces, one interior and one exterior, with the purpose of promoting commercially the works of Maria Leal da Costa and other invited artists.
The QB Art brand was created with the aim of providing programs for the visitation and reception of groups and to develop activities for environmental, cultural and recreational activities. This includes workshops and retreats for plastic arts, publishing of books, videos and educational materials as well as the development of a line of merchandising and regular presence in national and international art fairs.