The Project

History of the Park

The "Alentejo Sculpture Park - Maria Leal da Costa - Sculpture Park of Marvão" is an art destination that offers the possibility of guided tours and participation in thematic programs.
This project follows a 20-year journey starting with the development of the "Quinta do Barrieiro" accommodation unit, which based its strategies on two identity pillars: its natural landscape and the artistic activity Of Maria Leal da Costa.

Maria Leal da Costa Escultura

Maria Leal da Costa, Portuguese plastic artist, born in Évora, studied at the School of Fine Arts in Lisbon, lives and works in Alentejo, in Marvão. Her stone sculptures, iron and bronze are characterized by a contemporary multifaceted approach, and by a great tranquility and beauty. Exhibits since 1994, is represented in many public and private collections both in Portugal and abroad.

Land Art

Land Art, also known as Earth Art or Earthwork, refers to the type of art in which the natural terrain, instead of providing the environment for a work of art, is itself worked in order to integrate itself with the work.

Natural Park of the Serra de São Mamede

The Serra de São Mamede Natural Park is a Portuguese protected area, located in the Serra de São Mamede, in the border region of northeast Alentejo. It occupies an approximate area of 56000ha, distributed by four municipalities of the district of Portalegre


Come and visit the Marvão Sculpture Park
and the work of the artist Maria Leal da Costa

The Sculptures Walk

Guided Tours

Discover the creative universe of Maria Leal da Costa. Duration about one hour.

Art and Nature

Talk about sculpture around a regional tasting. Duration about three hours.

In the atelier with Maria Leal da Costa

Enter the secret space of the sculpture studio with Maria Leal da Costa. Duration about three hours.

Live and coexist with the art of Maria Leal da Costa

A surprise in the Sculpture Park. Duration about four hours.

The marvelous world of shapes

A day of creativity and artistic learning. Duration about six hours.

My artist self!

The dream of creating our own sculpture. Duration about eight hours.

Get to know the Sculpture Park of Marvão

Special group Tour

Presentation of the project "Alentejo Sculpture Park - Maria Leal da Costa - Parque de Esculturas de Marvão" followed by a tasting and presentation of products of the region in the gallery.



Quinta do Barrieiro, Reveladas cx 10,
7330-336 Marvão, Portugal
00351-964054935; 00351-964043733