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How to arrive at the park and book your visit.


“How to get here”

Visits by prior arrangement only.
To book your visit contact us through the email:
or directly using the webpage form.

Map of the Park

Walk A – Tour of the habitable sculptures “Starting Points”, by Maria Leal da Costa. Within approx. two hectares of the estate, four stops, four stations for meditation tell a story, awakening the visitor’s senses to sounds, aromas, points of view, colors and contrasts of light. This “Land Art” (i.e. work of art that interacts with the landscape) refers the visitor to issues of nature preservation.
The tour ends with a poem by Maria Helena Marques, reflecting on the return to one’s origins.

Walk B – Tour of “Sculptures in the Landscape”, located in another area of the estate with distinct geomorphological characteristics, like several water springs and a lake. The exposed sculptures belong to the private collection of Maria Leal da Costa and include works of her own authorship as well as some other sculptors.

Area C“QB Art – Gallery” is the name of two exhibition spaces, one indoor and one outdoor, with the purpose of commercially promoting works of Maria Leal da Costa as well as other invited artists.
This brand also intends to be present in national and international art fairs; animate environmental, cultural and playful activities, as well as workshops and plastic art retreats; publish books, videos and educational material directed to various age groups; offer programs for group visits and receptions; design its own line of merchandising, amongst other activities.



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